• Community Events

    NJ Tech Breakfast!
    8-20-14 9:30 am - New Work City
    NJ Tech Breakfast

    For the next NJ Tech Breakfast we will be back in Hoboken, NJ at Panera Bread which is right by the PATH! Yay! We will have a large area of the restaurant to ourselves and we can get down to Tech. As much as I would have liked to support a local...

    Zumba class (Kid Friendly)
    8-20-14 9:30 am - New Work City
    Paulus Hook Mamas

    Can't make time to exercise? Join us at a kid friendly Zumba class that allows mom to get a great workout AND attend to their children's needs at any time. Come and experience an hour of energizing dance fitness. We wanted to kick the party up a...

    Coworking Jam and Barnraising
    8-20-14 9:30 am - New Work City
    Goodnik OCS

    Are you starting a social impact org? Or have you been running one out of your living room and now you need to get out of the house every once-in-awhile? We’ve got the perfect solution. New Work City and Goodnik are partnering to host a...

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    Short Sale Madness

    In this mad mad world of short sales there seems to be an almost indefinite number of excuses why short sales cannot move forward and close in a timely manner. Whether its banks and their reluctance to use common sense methods and procedures that fit the situation or its tenants who refuse to pay rent […]

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