• Community Events

    The Uncommons 1st Anniversary Bash (Raffles, Cupcakes, Daytime Free Gaming)
    10-22-14 5:00 pm - Suite 36
    -The City Board (game & geek culture nyc)

    The Uncommons sent out anniversary special information below! ************************* Celebrate with us! We're turning 1- and offering freebies and specials throughout the day on October 22nd, including free coffee and much more. Don't be a...

    Studio Time
    10-22-14 5:00 pm - Suite 36
    New York Game Makers

    **Note that we are holding these in a new building, more info to come** Studio time is a room dedicated to those who just want to come out and have an place to work on their game. There are no lectures in this space, it’s simply a room for...

    10-22-14 5:00 pm - Suite 36
    NYC Cool Friends :-)

    Friends, Join us this Wednesday, October 22, for our new after works event at Suite 36. The last event there was a lot of fun! I'm sure you must be asking what is 5, 6, 7? That is the break down for the happy hour. 5pm most drinks are $5, 6pm-$6,...

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    Short Sale Madness

    In this mad mad world of short sales there seems to be an almost indefinite number of excuses why short sales cannot move forward and close in a timely manner. Whether its banks and their reluctance to use common sense methods and procedures that fit the situation or its tenants who refuse to pay rent […]

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